Witness a historic moment; join an open session of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) considering the revision of the SI - including redefinition of four of the base units.

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Metrological Traceability and Equipment Assurance, in-house Calibration and Equipment Verification document has been recently updated on the website.

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The Life Sciences Accreditation Advisory Committee (LSAAC) advises NATA on technical issues related to environmental, agribusiness, food and beverage and healthcare & pharmaceutical testing, and media production.

Positions are honorary with the term of appointment being five years.  Reappointment may be possible following the initial term.

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2nd Life Sciences AAC Meeting Agenda is now available for public comment. The document can be downloaded from 'Publication for Consultation' area of the website:

Accreditation Information > Publication for Consultation > 2nd Life Sciences AAC Agenda for public comment

All comments and suggested agenda items you would like the AAC to discuss must be sent to Neil Shepherd by 15th November 2018